Reflections on 

State of the World

         --Contributed by two aching hearts

The World

The world is in a state of chaos and unrest. 

Rockets, bombs, missiles, you name it. 

But what does it matter? For ourselves, we still want the best.

As long as it doesn't affect us, there's no need to worry.

For a second please, just put yourselves in their shoes.

Hindus, Christians, Muslims, or Jews,

Injustice is injustice, we're all humans, you fools!

I can spend hours explaining that something is wrong with our generation,

But trying to do so, with some people, is analogous to speaking to a brick wall.

It goes through one ear and out the other; there’s just no point!

I can share a picture or a video here, but in that too, there’s no use.

At this phase, it’s all used for mere shock value.

Pictures and videos no longer pierce our hearts. 

What a silly statement! I forgot—It's because most of us don’t have hearts! 

Our “hearts” beat and pump blood, but despite this, they’re not alive.

This piece of flesh in my chest has long ago died.

There are people being mercilessly massacred around the world, left and right. 

Yet all we’re concerned with is politics, FIFA, and how to spend our “boring” summer nights. 

Trying to keep up with fashion, what’s in and what’s out. 

Gotta have the newest clothes, latest phones, and hottest cars.

As long as I’m alive, safe, and well.. what else is there to this world, anyhow?

-Aisha Faiz  - Ramadan 1435

This Ramadan of Tears

Would that we could fast from hatred and mistrust

instead of taking children to their horrible deaths, tit for tat,

with shocking numbers reacting with language not found in any scripture.

Too many calling out for unspeakable acts

that get filmed, Posted and Tweeted on the front pages of social media, adding up the Likes,

being Shared to prove how hateful the Other is,

with no awareness of the dark stain in their own hearts.

In the meantime images of Jews and Muslims linked arm-in-arm,

joint statements issued calling for all life to be protected,

get scrolled by in the daily searches for ways to express hatred

Walking the Straight Path is no guarantee of a walk in the park,

but a reminder of keeping our hearts focused on the horizon,

not letting ourselves be distracted by the one who has vowed to lead us astray.

Looking around, I am blessed to be in community with those

strong in resisting deviations from the tenets of their faith,

and invoking G-d’s Peace and Guidance in serving Him.

Noor-Malika Chishti

11 Ramadan 1435