Hearing Him Hum

(Reflections on the Opening Chapter of the Qur’an)

By Zaman Stanizai


In the name of the Para-Cosmic Consciousness,

Whose Oneness of Being pens the verses

of perpetually unfolding multiplicities.


Whose Essence weaves

into every fiber of our existence

as the Wholeness of immeasurable timeless tomorrows.


All praise is due to the Infinite Eternity,

Whose love radiates through our soul,

Whose glory graces every grain of our being,

and Whose awe paints our fragile illusions.


O Divine Beloved,

the Ineffable shaper of transient temporalities

and transcendent realities!


Give us the thought that thinks Thee.

Give us a pleading heart that desires Thee,

a yearning that utters nothing, but Your love.

Turn us into a longing that dies to dissolve in

the harmonic convergence of Your totality.


Help us thread our pathways

through the splendor of

your enchanting gardens and idyllic meadows

where moments of Your manifest Beauty

attain a ‘foreverness’ all their own.


Distance us from the dissonance of dark energy.

Bathe us in the luminous glow of Your countenance—

Light,… upon light,… upon light.