As much as we understand the realm of the physical through our outer senses, the metaphysical appears beyond the reach of reason and even the realm of revelation.  The mystery of the universe may be questioned rationally, perceived phenomenologically, or contemplated spiritually, yet the deep yearning to know the unknowable that defines our very essence runs parallel to our being. 

This website is launched for the sole purpose of sharing thoughts and experience of the numinous nature so that we may be able to connect at the spiritual level beyond the charm and chatter of language.  We share in an attempt to understand the common human yearnings for the divine within.

If we occasionally delve into worldly matters, it is because silence is not recommended when events of a sinister nature threaten to disturb the ‘wholeness’ of our humanity.  We admit that the deficiency of our judgment is no more than a reflection of our humanity.  Rest assured that such a delving are not our main focus, but a temporal distraction.

We appreciate your visit to this site and will take your courteous comments into consideration.  Please reference the poem or article that you are commenting on.  Send your comments through the form below. 

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