Dancing with the Divine

A thought is a deep sense of wonder

sustained in the suspense of silence

in which the divine reveals

to us and through us.

In silence thought contemplates on being,

being returns the favor in silence.

Silence self-annihilates

in the unity of oppositions.

It echoes in the core of our being.

It plays upon the chord of strings

in the tension of strands that play

uplifting melodies in elation

as we rise, body and soul,

soaring in higher octaves

in search of divine resonance.

In the merriment of a musical ecstasy

we escape the earthly humdrum

and dance our way out of

the terrestrial disenchantment 

into the drowning roar of the celestial sphere

and cosmic consonance.

The luminous darkness of the infinite night

invites us to dance with a stranger

whose presence pervades our being.

As we begin to fade in His presence,

the envious whisper of an angel’s wing

calls us back:


turn, turn, turn…

We spin with the echo of the call

in the galactic spiral

that draws us  to a numinous intimacy

in a whirling embrace.

An infinitesimal fleeting glimpse


‘We are dancing with the Divine.’

In the awe of an enchanting bliss

and joyous and lasting laughter

we fall to earth.


The hum of an audible silence

‘humanifies’ the Divine within.

Within our being

thought is languages

in phonemic utterance

an imprint of the illusive glimpse

appears on the human psyche

whose shadow is projected as god.

A god thus reduced to an utterance,

a perception,

an expression of the ego

claiming to know the unknowable.

In that claimed knowledge

we write our narrative

with traces of races, with jargons of gender,

with colors of cultures

and the hues of our humanity—

We create religion

a convection that magnifies perceptions

through cultural relativism

and cannot accept any other.

The truth remains



The infinity of silence is interrupted—

naming the god that need not be named.

The Oneness of Being is traced

along divergent paths away from God

validating only our illusive perceptions.

Divine Essence remains beyond our grasp.

A yearning whispers:

‘Is there God.’

A lingering suspense is tempted

to answer, as if it know how.


Only then we realize

If we ever knew the answer,

it was in the silence.


The moment attains

to a timeless awareness that,

‘Is there God’ is not

an inquiry demanding an answer,

but an expression of

a deep sense of wonder

to wonder

in silence:

Is there                 …      …      …